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A seriously unique CD of all-original tunes. Fans of Laura Nyro, Carole King, or other artists whose work borders on jazz/blues sounds shouldn't hesitate to check this out. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

A beautiful, moody, savvy collection... Cardamon's voice is as lush and seductive as any I've heard in some time. Her material is strong and--here's an item--Cardamon co-wrote all 10 tracks. . .this is my needle in the haystack album of the year. Best get up with Callie and savor her classy wares. Definitely one of the most righteous debuts in recent memory. --Philip Van Vleck, The Spectator

Callie Cardamon's "Time and the Weather" is nothing short of spectacular!" --Female FYI

Cardamon's vocals hold their own in the context of a very demanding style of singing. --Icon

Callie Cardamon - vocals, guitars

Larry Steelman - piano

Alphonso Johnson - bass

Simeon Pillich - bass

Rob Lockart - saxophone, clarinet

Ralph Humphrey - drums

Matt Betton - drums

Brad Jones - keyboard

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