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Callie Cardamon is a West-Coast songwriter and standards singer whose distinctive interpretations of jazz and pop standards have earned her a global following. Callie was initially signed as a singer-songwriter to Sony CBS-New York, but due to the vagaries of the music business, her major-label debut was not released. Instead, she started Primavera Records with Eric Rawson (co-writer/arranger/producer) and released “Time and the Weather,” a CD of all-original material, in 1997. The album, featuring the light-hearted "Spanish Wine" and the mournful "Sometimes I Need a Mother," was well-received by the indy community.

After a long recording hiatus, Callie released “Easy Street” (2010), honoring the great writers and singers of the mid-twentieth century (and featuring her sexy original “Love Jazz”). "Easy Street" received extensive global airplay, with DJs worldwide pronouncing "Love Jazz" a "new" standard.

For the next several years, Callie recorded under a different name, releasing three more albums, which have gained her a new following of folk-rock fans.

With "Jump for Joy," released in 2020, Callie returns to jazz.


Callie Cardamon lives in Pasadena, California.


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